McBrown Finally Addresses Allegations Of Lip Filler

Finally, actress Nana Ama McBrown has responded to claims that she had injections in her mouth and chin.

Rumors have it that Nana Ama McBrown, the media darling and screen diva, has started using lip and chin filters.

After McBrown returned to her Onua TV show and signed a new ambassadorial contract with Deedew Spices, the rumors quickly spread over social media.

Supporters were taken aback by McBrown’s startling resemblance to Aba Dope.

McBrown Finally Addresses Allegations Of Lip Filler

McBrown asserted in a recent video that it is none of her concern if she goes to straighten her crooked hair.

She went on to say that if any portion of her body isn’t looking properly, it’s not her fault and no one should care if she chose to change it!

When McBrown went to support Adu Sarfowaa on her Speech-A-Thon yesterday, she made this crude remark.

She also made use of the occasion to counsel Adu Safowaa to concentrate on establishing a favorable reputation following her speech-a-thon.

She warned her to stop picking battles on social media and involving herself in issues that don’t affect her.

McBrown asserts that such factors have an impact on developing a strong brand.


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