Match or double Ibrahim Mahama’s donation – Afia Schwar challenges East Legon Club

The East Legon Executive Club members have been challenged by Afia Schwarzenegger to contribute twice as much to the Mepe community as Ibrahim Mahama did in the wake of the Akosombo Dam leak.

She claimed that although the people of Ghana at large attest to the well-known businessman’s sending of relief supplies to Mepe in the form of cargo trucks, the members of the East Legon Executive Club, who pride themselves on being wealthy, have not been heard from.

It’s time to live up to their self-proclaimed status as “wealthy men,” she declared, adding that all they do is show off their fancy automobiles and give one other water baths, which she found repulsive and uncivilized.

Match or double Ibrahim Mahama’s donation – Afia Schwar challenges East Legon Club

“East Legon Executive Fitness Club, you called yourselves rich men. This is the time to show that you are truly rich, go to Mepe and donate,” she said. “All you know how to do is to organize big parties, attend funerals, and be ponding yourselves.

“You don’t know how that act of water ponding disgusts me. Even for a poor woman like me, I am usually bathed with champagne and not water. Ibrahim Mahama does not belong to any executive club yet did you see the trucks full of supplies he sent there? I am daring all of you to put your heads together and do more than what Ibrahim Mahama did.

“We are talking about philanthropy and all you do is show us cars. What are we using cars for? If you are a rich man, let your money speak in the society. If I were dating someone in that crew, I would have broken up with her. Who the f**ck among you have donated? Nobody is criticizing you and that’s why you guys are misbehaving,” she stated in a TikTok live.

Since then, Afia Schwarzenegger has been criticizing well-known individuals and institutions for not having reached out to the victims.

She had previously criticized Archbishop Duncan Williams and Pastor Mensah Otabil for their lack of response to the matter.


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