Marriage isn’t my destiny – Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay, a Ghanaian singer who just signed with Ruff Town Records, claims that her music profession and popularity have taken precedence over all other goals in life, even getting married.

The singer and songwriter of the famous song “Uber Driver” recently revealed on a Twitter podcast that she will not allow anything, including marriage, stop her from pursuing her dreams in music.

“For now, I’m not even thinking about marriage because music is my destiny, that is what makes me relevant in this life. So I don’t think that I would trade something like that for marriage.”

Marriage isn’t my destiny – Wendy Shay

The singer decided to put her music career ahead of marriage because she feels she has more to accomplish in the business. She also wants a spouse whose life objectives are compatible with hers and who won’t waver from this demand.

“You [the would-be-husband] should be in alignment with my destiny. If it’s just you loving and taking care of me, I don’t think that is enough for me to give you attention,” Wendy Shay added.

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