Man prays for thief he caught inside his home

A man who believes to be a homeowner has left netizens in shock and many reaffirming their stands in Christianity.

The man, who caught a thief red-handed inside his home, did not touch him whatsoever but rather forgave him.

In a video that has since gone viral, the man retrieved his stolen items including electric cables worth N70,000, a little over GHS 1,000.

Rather than subject the thief to beatings, he ordered him to kneel while he prayed for forgiveness for him.

The thief, who was apologetic, obliged as the man proclaims powerful words of blessings into his life.

Among other things, the owner prayed and cast out the spirit of kleptomania in his life.

“It is well with you, your mother and father shall be proud of you. We have forgiven you, you will prosper in the name of Jesus,” he prayed while his household replied Amen.


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