Man k!lls Girlfriend Over Cheating Allegations

Jay Dordorye reportedly murdered 25-year-old Harriet Kafui Ahiati and later attempted to take his own life by hanging twice.

The 26-year-old also slit his throat and stabbed himself in the stomach twice but did not die.

Mr Dordorye is currently being treated at the Volta Regional Hospital after he was arrested by the Ho Municipal Police command.

JoyNew’s Ivy Setorjie reported that the incident happened at about 10 pm on Monday night but those around got to know about it around midnight.

An eyewitness told JoyNews that they heard the suspect calling his mother to come to his aid because “something bad has happened to him where he was.”

“Then we heard a loud noise of a scream of the boy [Dordorye] saying ‘I am in trouble o’. So we all rushed over to see he had killed the girlfriend.”

According to the eyewitness there the suspects intestines was gushing out of his stomach in a failed attempt to take his life.

He said they went in the room to find blood everywhere and the broken ceiling fan as well as part of the ceiling wood from Mr Dordorye’s failed attempt to hang himself.


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