Man ends up getting huge bortos instead of pen!s enlargement


A Man in his quest to enlarge his manhood went to see a traditional healer but was given the wrong medicine which rather enlarged his buttocks.

However, this man was not ill but decided to consult a traditional healer for an enlargement. He was not satisfied with what he was born with and wanted a special medicine to solve this.


Things did not turn out well as he was given the wrong medicine by the traditional healer and now his backside is the one growing.

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Many people found it hilarious on Twitter because it is believed that a man must not have a big backside. However, a lot of ladies were actually asking where this healer is located as they also wanted to enlarge their backsides.

There were people who felt sorry for him and wondered how he will manage this since it can not be reversed. Next time he will be more careful before using any medicine.


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