Man catches his wife in bɛd with his boss in a hotel room


It appears the husband had been suspecting the wife of cheating on him and kept a closer look at her movements.

Reports reveal that the yet-to-be-identified husband was tipped off by friends about the escapades of the wife, who has reportedly been cheating on him for a long time.


In anger, he sprung up and stormed the room where his wifɛ was dishiŋg oʋt different strokɛs and styles of kɛrɛwa with hʒr lovɛr.

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From the video, the furious husband is heard threatening to kill the other guy but the wife pleaded with him to spare his life.

The poor guy had to kneel and beg for mercy.

The clip from the public disgrace is now making waves online with many people stating that the woman and her lover deserved what they got.

Watch Video below;


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