Man allegedly k!lls 55-year-old friend over goat meat

In a dispute over goat meat, a guy only known as Azulay is accused of fatally beating his 55-year-old friend Buley with a stick.

The tragic event took place in the Sehwi Wiawso Municipality of the Western North at Sehwi Paboase.

The two are said to be good friends who participate in all communal activities together, even eating dead animals that have been left outside.

Man allegedly k!lls 55-year-old friend over goat meat

Augustine Boah of Adom News has learned that they constantly search for a dead animal to prepare and divide among themselves.

However, according to Simon Okom, the assemblyman for the Paboase electoral area, a disagreement developed between them over a recently deceased goat that a local presented to them.

Azulay was disappointed since his suck was used to transport the dead goat, as he had anticipated receiving

The body has been placed in the mortuary of the Sehwi Wiawso government hospital.

Azulay, the accused, is alleged to have left town after committing the crime.

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