Make condom buying friendly – Youth tells pharmacist

The only thing constant in life is that buying condoms is always an awkward experience. In the beginning of one’s sexual adolescence it starts out as a downright embarrassing process and only becomes less so with age. This has made some youth share their sentiments over their purchase of condoms.

According to them, pharmacists and MCA’s do not make them comfortable when purchasing a condom. Which makes them buy paracetamol instead of condoms.

These assertions were made in a random interview with

“ My brother they say we should protect ourselves to prevent us from contacting diseases but when I go the pharmacy to get a condom, they look at me in a funny way which baffles me. They make me feel it’s prohibited to get a condom in this country. The question I keep asking myself is that, do they (pharmacists) want us to contact diseases and spread before they make condom buying friendly? But I think it will be better if they change their attitude towards condom purchase”. Said by one.

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“ Safety is very paramount to me especially during s*x, so I always put on a condom to play safe but the behavior of some pharmacists is making me think otherwise. Personally I have encountered many bad attitude from them especially the female pharmacists  and the medical counter assistant, any time I visit the pharmacy shop to get a condom. Sometimes they make me think they have a bad perception of people who patronize the product to be bad guys which shouldn’t be so. These people say we should either abstain or put on a condom. But here lies the case where bad attitude are being shown by pharmacists when we want purchase the product. I believe if I need something, I should be able to purchase it without fear”. Said by another.

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In furtherance, they disclosed that the prices of condoms are moderate but pleaded with pharmacists to change their attitude towards them when they want to patronize the product.


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