Major Mahama Trial: 12 Sentenced For Life, 2 Others Acquitted & Discharged

After being found guilty of killing the young soldier, twelve (12) of the fourteen defendants on trial for Major Maxwell Mahama’s murder received life sentences.

Following their verdict of not guilty for conspiracy, two more people were also exonerated and given their discharge.

This comes after a seven-member jury found the first accused (William Baah) guilty on all counts of aiding and commission.

Major Mahama Trial: 12 Sentenced For Life, 2 Others Acquitted & Discharged

The eleven are Bernard Asamoah (2nd Accused ), Kofi Nyame alias abortion( 3rd acccused), Akwasi Boah (4th Accused), kwame Tuffour (5th accused), Joseph Appiah Kubi (6th accused), Michael Anim (7th accused), John Bosie (9th accused), Akwasi Asante (10 accused), Charles Kwaning (11th accused) , Emmanuel Badu (12th accused) and Kwadwo Anima ( 14th accused) were variously found guilty for conspiracy and murder.

In the meantime, Bismark Donkor, the eighth accused, and Bismark Abanga, the thirteenth accused, who were both charged with murder conspiracy, have been found not guilty and released from custody.

On May 29, 2017, Major Maxwell Mahama passed away suddenly at Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region after being mistaken for an armed robber by several locals.

53 people were detained before to the trial’s start. Following additional inquiries, fourteen (14) people were charged in court.

Of the 53 people arrested, 14 witnesses were called by the prosecution.

The facts, presented by the prosecution, were that Major Mahama was the commander of a military detachment stationed at Diaso in the Upper Denkyira West District of the Central Region to check illegal mining activities.

At 8am on May 29, 2017, Major Mahama, wearing civilian clothes but with his sidearm, left his detachment base for a 20-kilometre jogging.

At 9:25 a.m., the military officer got to the outskirts of Denkyira Obuasi, where a number of women were selling foodstuffs by the roadside.

He stopped to interact with the women and even bought some snails, which he left in their custody to be taken up on his return from jogging.

While he was taking out money from his pocket to pay for the snails, the woman from whom he had bought the snails and a few others saw his sidearm tucked to his waist.

Soon after he left, one of the women telephoned the assembly member for Denkyira Obuasi to report what they had seen.

“Without verifying the information, the assembly member mobilised the accused persons and others, some now at large, to attack the military officer,” the prosecution stated.

It added that the mob met Major Mahama near the Denkyira Obuasi cemetery and, without giving him the opportunity to explain and identify himself, “attacked him with implements such as clubs, cement blocks and machetes, killed him and burnt a portion of his body”.

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