Mahalia Bamford Gives Tips On How To Handle Office Romance Without Getting Fired » ™

Mahalia Bamford Gives Tips On How To Handle Office Romance Without Getting Fired » ™

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Mahalia Bamford, has given tips to men and women on how to handle office romance.

Speaking in an interview with Mercy Bee on eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes show, Mahalia Bamford was asked what she would do as an employer if she gets into an intimate relationship with one of her employees. In answering the question, Mahalia explained that both parties need to come to an agreement to know how to differentiate between working hours and romance hours.

She added that the agreement needs to be signed in a contract form to seal the deal and make sure both parties don’t go contrary to the rules.

“ In my opinion, we need to have an agreement on paper to hold us so that he still can keep his job and I can have my business progress. Even if things don’t work out in the romantic relationship we’re trying to have and I can’t have a contractual agreement, he will have to quit the job”, she said.

According to Mahalia, as a business woman, if she wants to be romantically engaged with any of her workers, the rules has to be clear so that it doesn’t affect productivity. Office romance between a boss and a subordinate can sometimes lead to disrespect and one party getting special favors even if they are not qualified for a certain position.

Even though it can be exciting and fun sometimes, there is always a risk of being compromised.


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