Loyal Women Deserve The Best

Loyal Ladies
Loyal Women Deserve The Best

Loyalty is rare, so if you find a woman who is all about you make sure you are all about her.

When a man has a supportive, loyal, faithful woman he is blessed.

Regardless of what somebody else does that doesn’t change who she is, she remains loyal to who she is, not because of a man but because she loves herself enough to not allow someone else’s actions dictate how she carries herself.

A loyal woman will give you the best parts of herself. She will pray for you and even in the most trying times she will remain loyal and respect you when you are not around.

She is resilient.

A loyal woman will pour into you because she understands life can sometimes beat you down.

You can count on her to always have your back, and push you to become a better version of yourself.

A good loyal woman loves hard, she doesn’t know any other way to love. So when she gets a little “emotional” as men like to call it understand it’s not because she’s holding back, it’s because she’s giving you everything she’s got.

Her loyalty to others as well as you is something to admire. But if you prove you deserve her loyalty, you get put at the top of the list before anyone. You become her number one priority.

Probably from the moment you’ve met her, she’s been honest and sincere about every intention. She hasn’t kept secrets, she hasn’t deceived you. She is honest to a fault.

Even when it’s something you don’t want to hear, you know every word has her sincere heart behind it. You’ll see it in her eyes she doesn’t want to hurt you, but tell you things as they are, because you deserve the truth.

A good woman will always be a good woman and she will love you with all her heart. That does not mean she will stick around if you take her for granted.

Because the reality is she has standards that matter past orgasms, and she will stop being loyal to complacency. If she’s really a good woman, either you’ll get right and realize she’s the best you’ll ever have, or she’ll get sick of your mess and become the best you’ll never have.

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