Lilwin’s Blogger Candace Graduates with First Class in Economics.

Ohemaa in Moscow, Russia on her graduation day.

Ohemaa Candace, one finest and beautiful Ghanaian female blogger who they claimed she published a ‘fake story’ about Kumawood’s superstar Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin and was unlawfully arrested, has graduated from the Moscow Polytechnic University formerly Moscow State Engineering University, with First Class honours where she pursued Economics.

Ohemaa, in October 2018 published a story about Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin on her blog and alleged that the famous actor has knocked down someone at the premises of Peace FM in Accra with his customized car.


The story which the actor found defamatory landed Ohemaa in troubles to the extent of getting into the grips of the police. Although many people believe the alleged act of Ohemaa was in a bad taste, others have equally lashed out at the actor for taking arrest action against the ‘innocent’ blogger.

Since then, little or no information was heard about the matter. especially where Ohemaa Candace has been interestingly, the young beautiful blogger has been trying heaven and hell to bag a new certificate and luckily on her part, she had bagged a First Class honours outside today he shores of Ghana far away in Moscow in Russia.


In an exclusive chitchat with Ohemaa revealed how she managed through the dark and light as well as how family support has pushed her to where she has reached.

‘When I started University in Russia, I had difficulty in Communicating with people of language barrier, I lost my only friend three months I’m after I got enrolled, he died through accident, May his soul rest in Peace, he was literally the only person communicating with people for me. ‘ Ohemaa said in a sad tone


She said during her second year, she lost her father whose biggest achievement was to see her(Ohemaa) bag a degree.
‘ During my second year in University, I lost my beloved Dad, his greatest achievement was for me to get a degree and hey I got it and I’m sure he should be happy where ever he is’.

Asked if she has faced any serious challenges, Ohemaa recounted how she got problems with her visa last year.
‘Last year I had a visa problem that I had to fly to Africa and obtain a new visa and come back to study, that was when I got arrested in Ghana for publishing an article I wrote. I stayed in Ghana for 6 weeks fixing my visa problem. Regardless of how much adversity stroke me I never gave up because I needed to obtain the degree to honour my late dad. ‘

Ohemaa Candace looks cheerful as she speaks about her First Class honours and said that her family has shown her massive support throughout hard times and she’s grateful to God and her family for their support till date.

She however believed no one should give up in life no matter the circumstances surrounding them.



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