Life is spiritual so I don’t joke with prayers – Kwaku Manu

Kwaku Manu, a well-known comedian and actor in Kumawood, has admitted that despite his fame and success as a performer, he doesn’t make light of his prayers because he believes in spiritual matters.

The comedian who has appeared in films like “Akoa Nye,” “The Great Battle,” and “Kwaku Azono” noted that while some of his fellow countrymen he started with have faded away, his popularity has continued to grow because he supports his creations with prayers in an interview with Zion Felix that was observed by Graphic Showbiz.

Kwaku Manu asserts that while success and relevance are not always assured for the diligent worker, he has sustained his position over the years thanks to his grasp of spiritual matters.

Life is spiritual so I don’t joke with prayers – Kwaku Manu

“There are times that you will be working very hard but whatever you do will not please people. I believe in both physical and spiritual things. When you come and meet me praying, you won’t think this is the Kwaku Manu that you know.

“Like we always say, ‘you are a star’ and stars move so whatever fame you are enjoying can move to another person and that is why prayers are very much needed to maintain one’s relevance,” he stated.

Kwaku Manu pointed out that prayers can help replace things that people lose and he is a testimony of that because at a time when his colleagues are bemoaning the state of the movie industry, he is rather increasing in popularity because God has given him a better replacement of what he lost.

“When you are prayerful and continue to work hard, God will always replace anything that you have lost, that is why I’m still relevant.

“There are people that I started with who have even been written off but as I’m talking to you, my popularity is rather rising,” he stated.

Kwaku Manu also expressed his profound appreciation to one Mana Vida, his spiritual mother who has been provided him with lots of spiritual guidance over the years.

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