Legend Nana Ampedu Cautions Young Artist

Highlife legend, Nana Kwame Ampadu has cautioned young artists and the current generational stars to always seek permission from them (old artists) before ‘stealing’ their songs which they do under the guise of ‘taking inspiration.’

The revered Ghanaian musician said whoever tries this with him henceforth, he’ll drag the offender to court.

“When you are an artiste and you sample my songs without my knowledge, i’m right to take you to court for using my works without seeking permission.”

“It’s not easy to write songs, now you would just sample the songs and be making money off our sweats, it’s not cool at all. Young Artistes should seek permission from us, the Old Musicians before using our works.”

Nana Ampadu is a Ghanaian musician credited with numerous popular highlife tracks and he is known to have composed over 800 songs. Ampadu’s “African Brothers Band” was formed in 1963.

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