Leave social media if you don’t want to be disrespected – Mike 2 tell celebrities

Journalist of the Multimedia Group, Mike 2 has advised Ghanaian celebrities to leave social media if they do not want to be disrespected.

This reaction from Mike 2 comes after a young lady identified as Henewaa Piesie came hard at actress Selly Galley by saying the actress is barren and has a horror face.

Mike 2 after taking a critical look at the issue backlashed the Henewaa and also stated emphatically that it’s advisable for celebrities who can’t stand such heat being thrown at them to leave social media as he believes it comes with the fame they are enjoying.

Read his post below:

“Sometimes those acclaimed celebrities in Ghana should have that big stomach to contain certain things.

Even though what the said lady said to Selly Galley was not palatable, Selly should also know the social media constituency they all find themselves there is a constituency with no MP where things said over there are not filtered…

So has she accepted that she is a barren?.
Celebrities who don’t want to be disrespected or insulted should leave social media…”
Will come again…”

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