Latest $eks style: What You Need To Know About Choking During $eks

If you’re not already familiar with it through personal experience or your porn-viewing habits, erotic asphyxiation, or EA, is the practice of controlled strangling – either to yourself or a lover – to heighten the sensations of sexual arousal and orgasm by temporarily depriving the brain of oxygen.

There is no doctor-approved way to strangle yourself while having sex or while masturbating. Cutting off oxygen to the brain is never a good idea but there are ways to make this dangerous act slightly less dangerous.

Why do people like the idea of choking?

When you choke yourself or someone else, the pressure cuts off the flow of blood through the veins in the neck, causing blood to congest in the brain. Oxygen levels drop and carbon dioxide levels increase, producing lightheadedness and, for some, intensifying erotic pleasure.

So before engaging in EA, it’s important to school yourself on these five key things.

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