Lady tells why she stopped Sleeping with men for cash

Lady tells why she stopped Sleeping with men for cash

Founder of Breakup or Makeup(BoM), Blessing Nkiruka Okoro aka Blessing CEO has revealed why she stopped sleeping with men for money.

According to Blessing, most young ladies in their quest to get better lives, end up sleeping with rich married men popularly known as sugar daddies to make money.

In a recent video by her, she revealed that an experience with one of her numerous sugar daddies made her stop sleeping with older men for money.

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In the same video, the relatively young lady, added that, there is a price one pays when you indulge yourself in such an act.

After narrating how a man spoke to her without respect because she was there to sleep with him in exchange for money, she then used the medium to advise her fellow ladies who in such an act to stop and desist from it and rather focus on staking to young unmarried man and start life with.


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