Lady slumps and d!es while dancing in church

Lady slumps and d!es while dancing in church

A young girl has slumped and died during a horeography in church. The viral video captured the exact moment the young girl grew weary and slumped in the presence of the congregation.

As though her fall was not enough, the choreography leader signaled his members to continue dancing, while some women attended to their colleagues.

Giving an update on the condition of the girl, a TikTok user who happens to be a sister of the victim, said she did not survive.

She added that her sister was ill, “but not anything serious, she was fine”. She added that she woke up shortly after the fall in church, but collapsed again minutes later.

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According to her, doctors have attributed her death to multiple cardiac arrests, which could have been averted if she was rushed to the hospital when she first woke up.

The incident has sent shock waves across social media.

Watch video below: