Sh0cking: Lady narrates how she lived in an apartment with a stranger for a year without knowing


A Nigerian lady has described how terrified she was after realizing she had been staying with a stranger for a year without her knowledge.

Apparently, the unknown man has a spare key to her apartment and comes in to do whatever he wants as though he owns the place and leaves at his own convenience.


His timing ensures that the lady whose Twitter handle is @CiraNzube never stumbled on him during his escapades.

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The lady, Cira said when their path finally crossed, the man rather took offense and asked her not to label him as a thief because he never stole anything from her place.

She tweeted:

“Imagine coming back to my apartment today and someone was inside. I caught him leaving my flat and he blatantly denied ever being there. After much persuasion and threats to arrest him, he finally confesses.

He’s had the key to the apartment for the past 1 year plus. He enjoys sleeping on my bed so he goes in whenever I’m out to enjoy the bed (Hey God). This man turned me into a crazy person because I couldn’t understand why gas, noodles, etc would finish so early. And he isn’t even sorry he stole.

All he’s been saying is “I didn’t steal your money”, “I’ll beat you if you call me a thief again”, “no dey video me, I no be thief”, etc. The guts!!! Everyday is for the thief, but one day is for the owner of the house and the day for the owner is always honourable. I thank God”.


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