Lady in labour dies after falling off delivery bed while nurses allegedly slept on duty

A pregnant woman in labour has reportedly fallen off the delivery bed and died in the Delta community of Ogwashi-Uku.

The lady was said to have been left unattended to by nurses on duty, who alleged slept off as she was brought to the hospital late in the night.

Sources said that the incident occurred at the General Hospital, Ogwashi-Uku.

Reports suggest the pregnant lady was rushed to the hospital late in the night after she fell into labour for her first child.

But, the nurses on duty reportedly slept off after the lady’s caregiver was said to have gone home to pick some delivery items.

However, the caregiver was said to be shocked as she returned to the hospital only to find the woman dead on the floor while the nurses slept off.

A video recording of the incident which has gone viral in Delta State showed a woman lying lifeless while the person behind the camera lamented over what was tagged the lackadaisical attitude of personnel at Ogwashi-Uku General Hospital.

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