Lady arrested for selling book on how to scam a sugar daddy

2,000 copies of the 25-year-old woman’s book, which taught readers how to con sugar daddies, had already been purchased when she was arrested for doing so.

Mai Watanabe, a Japanese woman from Nagoya, wanted to write a book to help other young ladies since she claimed to be an expert at tricking men.

Some of the titles of her books, which she posted on her social media handles read: “Textbook for Sugar Babies: The Right Profile and Magical Words to Make Men Pay.”

The books discussed how to take advantage of middle-aged men who are thought to be weak in order to get as much money as possible.

In order to gain sympathy and money, one of the books encouraged users to convince their sugar daddy that they had a rough background.

Another tactic in the books was making up a tale about being ill and unable to work while claiming they were in dire need of help paying their rent.

Lady arrested for selling book on how to scam a sugar daddy

According to sources from the Naka Police Department, Watanabe started offering her scamming tutorials last year. They are purportedly available for between 10,000 and 20,000 yen ($67 and $134), with exclusive lessons offered for an additional fee.

According to reports, after apprehending a 20-year-old woman who was accused of employing strategies from Watanabe’s books to cheat two men in Aichi Prefecture out of a total of 10.65 million yen ($72,000), police opened an inquiry into Watanabe’s actions.

The suspect, known online as “Itadakijoshi Riri-chan (Riri the Sugar Baby),” turned out to be an experienced paid dating expert. She was accused of stealing 27 million yen (roughly $182,500) from a 50-year-old man in September, according to a report in the Japanese newspaper The Mainichi.

She allegedly informed the guy that in order to pay back the debt, which she had obtained from a friend in order to launch her clothes business, she would have to sell her body at a brothel.

Following a 54-year-old man’s complaint that he had provided Riri, the Sugar Baby, a total of approximately 117 million yen, or $780,000, further charges were revealed against her by The Mainichi last month. The victim thought that Watanabe’s publications served as guidance for his con artist.

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