Ladies: Never Marry A Man Who Has These 5 Habits

If the train leaves you, it is because you did not accept a man with these habits that sooner or later will end your marriage.

Imagine yourself married to a man who thinks you don’t deserve wonderful things, who doesn’t like to be seen with you, and who thinks you’re just his wife. Isn’t it the worst dream in the world?

If you have a boyfriend right now, never marry him if he has these attitudes. Find another one!

1- Excuses in excess

Excuses are just a way of saying:

“I’m sorry but I have more important things to do and I don’t care about you as much as you think.” End of story.

If he has more excuses than reasons and they are too nonsensical to be true, he is only trying to lie to you and if not, he is feeling too lazy to include you in everything.

2- Kill conversations

He’s an excellent talker, that’s great, but the moment you’re telling a story or sharing something, he cuts you off like he doesn’t care. He’s the “conversation killer.”

These habits not only show his lack of conversation skills, but also show your insignificance in his opinion, what you have to say doesn’t matter and he feels better if you don’t get into something. You don’t want to be ignored that way for the rest of your life, never make the mistake of marrying a “conversation killer.”

3- He is immature in his relationships

Whether it’s in a friendship or in your relationship with your boss, if you’re the type who kicks people out of your life after a little fight or argument, you’re not the right man to be with. If his relationships with the people around him are brief and he keeps walking away from them, he can easily break up with you one day. Impatience with a trait in the man you are going to marry is not a good thing.

4- Fight constantly

Fights are good, healthy even, but not if they never end. It’s okay to show your opinions to your partner even if they are the opposite of theirs, and it’s okay to argue from two different points of view.

But if he never agrees and is not willing to let you have your opinion, the problem is him. Both parties involved have to respect each other’s differences. If he likes the opposite and keeps fighting, you need to walk away.

5- Hates family

No matter how annoying your parents may be at times, you cannot hate them or cut them out of your life. Family is where your life began and forgetting it is no less than a sin. If he hates his family just because the family is annoying or for some other weak reason, then he is not fit to marry you or anyone else.

Marriage means starting a family. How do you expect him to start a family of his own if he is not able to cope with his family?


Joseph Asare, a freelance journalist, a blogger and loves the internet

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