Kofi Amoabeng reveals why there hasn’t been a coup in Ghana yet

Capt. (rtd) Prince Kofi Amoabeng, the founder of the now-defunct UT Bank, has stated that the absence of a military takeover is the only positive development in Ghana during the present administration.

He said that the only reason there hasn’t been a military coup in Ghana is because the country’s armed forces have turned political. He claimed that the current state of affairs in Ghana is dire.

He said that all state institutions, including the army, had been politicized by successive regimes, most notably the present Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo administration.

Kofi Amoabeng reveals why there hasn’t been a coup in Ghana yet

“One of the biggest changes we have in this country is that, when parties come to power, especially this government, they politicise all the institutions. It is a very dangerous thing to do, and that is why we have not been progressing.

“If you put your own people as heads, it is either they don’t know what to do or they are qualified, but they are used as stooges, so even though you know what to do, you dare not do it; you do what we say you should do because we put you there.

“…the only good thing that has come out of it is that there is no coup. No coup because the army has been politicised and therefore the heads are NPP. And in the army now, which is very sad, soldiers are polarized politically,” he said.

He added that when he was in the army, personnel were forbidden from engaging in politics, but now it has become normal.

“When I was in the army, religion and politics were the two things we never discussed. Because you were there for the state,” he said.

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