KNUST Sammy in tears as he failed to find love again


Sammy, the Knust guy who was dumped by his ex-girlfriend Nana Ama decided not to give up on love as he tried his luck on TV3 date rush but unfortunately his effort proved futile.

Explaining why his ex-girlfriend Nana Ama left him, he said that


Nana Ama left because he kissed another girl who went spreading it on campus.

The most painful thing, Sammy explained, is that some of his own friends stabbed him in the back by telling Nana Ama, and that led to the breakup.


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Fortunately, Sammy was saved by one light from Ruth, one of the contestants. Sadly, he turned down Ruth’s light and said he does not have any love feelings for her.

He explained that Ruth looks older than him and that could make people think that she is his mother if they go walking in town.

Apparently, he was eying Bibi, another contest on the show but she was also not interested in him. Sammy eventually lost Ruth who had disappointed written all over her face after Sammy rejected her even though she had explained that she was only 23 years.

Perhaps love is not for Sammy and he must focus on other things till the right time comes for him to get his own love.


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