KK Fosu boldly declares his political party

The well-known crooner’s statement follows the publication of a new song called “Back to Sender,” which takes aim at Cheddar’s critics after he got into a heated argument with the government over the postponement of his demonstration at Black Stars Square.

The singer of “Odo Nti” boldly declared his support for the New Force Movement and took off his sunglasses to highlight how sincere he was.

“I am a New Force Movement member. I want my face to show while saying this clearly,” he affirmed.

KK Fosu boldly declares his political party

KK Fosu went on to highlight the ideological divide between the New Force Movement and the two major political parties, the NPP and NDC. He asserts that supporters of the New Force Movement are “freedom fighters,” in contrast to members of the established political parties, who are driven more by self-interest than by the welfare of the nation.

KK Fosu explained the purpose of his song, saying that it is intended to refute people who are attempting to undermine the New Force Movement, including Cheddar, the movement’s leader.

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