Ken Kuranchie wants the case against Mahama’s presidential bid to be re-prosecuted

Kenneth Kuranchie, the chief editor of the Daily Searchlight, has said that he will resume legal action to challenge former president John Mahama’s ability to run in the general elections in 2024.

This comes after the Supreme Court dismissed his lawsuit against Mr. Mahama.

The action was deemed defective and devoid of essential components to warrant the highest court’s jurisdiction, according to the ruling of the Apex Court. It was also claimed that the complaint was submitted beyond the deadline.

As a result, while the Supreme Court dismissed the case, it also gave the Daily Searchlight newspaper’s editor-in-chief advice to do an extensive legal study in order to make an educated decision before initiating a lawsuit of this kind.

Ken Kuranchie wants the case against Mahama’s presidential bid to be re-prosecuted

However, Mr. Kurancie stated that he had learned his lessons and would be making the necessary corrections in an interview with Umaru Sanda Amadu on Eyewitness News on Citi FM on Tuesday.

He further highlighted that “I still believe that the gravamen of the case that I intend to prosecute still stands. I still believe that the case should be re-prosecuted.”

“I am seeking about eight declarations, some of which are picked out of Article 68. Based on Article 68 (2) our former president becomes a ward of Parliament and needs to go to Parliament to seek its approval,” he stated.

Mr. Kuranchie stated that he desired the Supreme Court to concur that the tenure of a president was four years, and that a president remained an employee of the state even after leaving office.

Nevertheless, his attempt to remove Mr. Mahama from the 2024 elections was unsuccessful.

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