Ken Agyapong promises to build an ethanol factory for V/R for their massive support

Kennedy Agyapong, the Assin Central Member of Parliament, has committed to constructing an ethanol facility in the Volta Region.

Speaking during his campaign team’s Thanksgiving celebration, he thanked his colleagues, especially those in the Volta Region.

He expressed his gratitude to the local delegates for their overwhelming support of him throughout the primary.

He claims that when he started his campaign, he made a commitment to industrialize the nation, and that if elected president, he would build an ethanol factory.

Ken Agyapong promises to build an ethanol factory for V/R for their massive support

Despite not winning the contest, Mr. Agyapong declared he would build the plant.

He said that the facility will begin to be built in 2024.

In the event that the project is successful, the West African nation—which currently imports around 60 million liters of ethanol annually—would have a significant industrial-scale ethanol producer.

He also made a jab at anyone who thought less of him by claiming that they were ashamed of the outcome.

“I want to extend my gratitude to the campaign team and all the supporters. I know we fought a good fight in every contest; there would be a winner and a loser. But this contest was between a man and the whole system. They underestimated me and my team. They predicted I would not get more than 10 percent. But today, all those who made the claim are indoors and feel ashamed.”

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