Joyce Mensah officially divorces Dr. UN

Officially, Dr. UN and Joyce Dzidzor Mensah’s marriage has ended for amicable reasons.
The Ghanaian-born socialite living in Germany revealed in a recent video that her marriage to Dr. UN was based on a contract.
Dr. UN consented to marry her for barely two weeks, according to Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, and the arrangement was made before she arrived in Ghana from Germany.

Joyce Mensah officially breaks up with Dr. UN

Dr. UN was the person Joyce Mensah chose to keep her company while she was in Ghana since she didn’t let her down and delivered on their brief romantic relationship.

The former HIV/AIDS ambassador also gave DR UN high acclaim for being a great guy off the internet because she had previously seen of him as an antagonistic figure.

They received the necessary attention they sought and, as a result, made headlines.

Given that they are both attention seekers, I believe it is fair to assume that they are content with the publicity their fictitious wedding has received.

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