John Boadu slams Alan for resigning from NPP

John Boadu, the former general secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has criticized Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, a former party member, for quitting and called his justification for doing so “unjustifiable.”

Boadu called Kyerematen’s departure “regrettable,” pointing out that there are other NPP lawmakers who are angrier than Kyerematen and former energy minister Boakye Agyarko.

He admitted that there are a similar number of individuals who are resentful in some sense but have stayed to advance the party.

Boadu said that the two former ministers were “lucky” to have obtained jobs during an interview with Eyewitness News, pointing out the number of NPP members who were never given such opportunity.

The former NPP General Secretary criticized Kyerematen for refusing to acknowledge the renown he acquired as an NPP member over the years yet recalled losing an election without complaining or leaving the party.

John Boadu slams Alan for resigning from NPP

In order to emphasize how much the present generation is benefiting from their efforts, he continued by mentioning party gurus who did not experience power via the party until their deaths.

“It’s regrettable, it shouldn’t have gotten to where it got to. All that he [Alan] has said is not sufficient for him to resign. There are a lot of people who have toiled for this party, who have worked on the grounds, campaigned, spent their monies on the party, and sacrificed their careers for the survival and achievements of this party over the years. They have never been made ministers before, they have never gotten any appointments before.

He added, “I agree with him [Boakye Agyarko] that there are a lot more people harbouring more bitter pain than what he thinks Alan Kyerematen harbours. For the past 7 seven years he [Alan] was a minister of state, how many of those people who work in the party have become ministers of state? If Alan harbours bitter sentiments, then there are others who are harbouring more bitter sentiments than he’s harbouring.

“So if everybody who has toiled wants to harbour sentiments, all of us will harbour sentiments. So it’s not as if it’s a threat to anybody, the people must also recognise that they have the names because of NPP, if not they were nobody. They are people who are more bitter than they are. If ministers are harbouring sentiments, then all of us including me John Boadu are harbouring bitter experiences, but the party is supreme. I lost an election last year, have I cried to anybody for a position? Or going independent?”.

He entreated the party leadership to concentrate on its activities without being distracted.

“I think the party needs to concentrate on its activities and move on. The party is resilient, it has gone through tough times before. The vacuum created may be a catalyst of strength for the party. I don’t think we need to waste our time responding to some of these issues,” he said.


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