Jean Mensah reacts to ‘Dumsor’ during live press conference

Jean Mensa, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, was amused to have to admit, “Oops!” during a press conference.

The press conference was interrupted when the building’s electricity supply was shut off in the middle of the EC chair’s speech.

The EC chair was speaking to the media on the December 19, 2023, district assembly elections that would soon take place.

The lights unexpectedly went out during Jean Mensa’s presentation of important data regarding the voting preparations, leaving the room completely dark save for light beams coming from outside.

Jean Mensah reacts to ‘Dumsor’ during live press conference

Jean Mensa responded candidly, stating, “Oops,” admitting to the unplanned power outage.

There was a long moment of darkness in the room while she waited for the lights to come back on so she could resume her remarks.

“I would like to emphasise again that voting will take place in all polling stations in all the electoral areas across the country with the exception of Nkoranza North and South district in the Bono East Region. This is because both districts…” she explained just before the unexpected interruption happened.

After the lights came back on, Jean Mensa continued the briefing by saying, “I was just making the point that all polling stations in all electoral areas across the country except for the above constituency. This is because both districts had their elections in 2021 instead of 2019. Hence, the term of office of the assembly the the unit committees of those two districts will expire next year, 2024,” she stated.

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