I’ve never dated a woman before – Kobi Rana

Kobi Rana is a multidisciplinary creative who has never dated a woman.

On February 1, 2024, he made a speech on Accra FM.

He was wearing a pink t-shirt, a color typically associated with ladies and women, as the host, Nana Romeo, pointed out.

With his fingers, Kobi pulled the corners of the upper part of the shirt to show an inscription which read: “Girl Talk”. He explained it was the reason for wearing the shirt.

I’ve never dated a woman before – Kobi Rana

“And I can wear any colour I want. Pink, Monday to Friday. It is nobody’s business. I am not bothered about what anyone says,” he stressed.

Romeo asked if the singer, dancer and movie director had a girlfriend.

“No, please,” Kobi Rana answered, insinuating suspicion, also, that he was being baited for the tabloids.

Again, Romeo asked his guest if he had ever dated a woman.

“No, please,” Kobi answered.

Romeo observed no woman has ever been identified publicly as the actor’s girlfriend.

“I don’t owe it to anyone to introduce my girlfriend,” he responded, laughing.

Currently, Kobi Rana is on a media tour for his Girl Talk movie, slated to premiere on Valentine’s Day 2024.

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