It’s time we start a lifestyle audit of public officers – Abu Sakara proposes

Dr. Abu Sakara Foster, the founder of the National Interest Movement (NIM), has argued that one way to fight corruption in the nation is to conduct lifestyle audits on public officials.

He claimed that by exposing the manner in which public officials obtained their assets, these audits would shed light on possible corruption.

He said, “NIM has already identified a person who would lead these audits should the party come to power,” during an April 22 appearance on JoyNews AM.

It’s time we start a lifestyle audit of public officers – Abu Sakara proposes

Relying on information from regular people, he claimed, would result in more effective convictions, while traditional approaches frequently fall short of producing meaningful outcomes.

“Yes, you can have the Office of the Special Prosecutor but it is only with information from ordinary people who are at the implementing end that you get to the real details and you can prosecute, other than that your prosecution fails more than they succeed.

“So, we have to have a desk that is linked not only to our Ministry of Information but also to linked national intelligence system, where anybody in this studio can call and say Dr Abu Sakara just left, he has taken two of your bottles from Joy FM.

“Somebody should investigate and verify it. If you have that kind of system, information can be given and acted upon before it is then built into a dossier for people who would do the prosecution. I think we would have more success and there should not be a conflict of interest”, he stated.

Dr. Abu Sakara Foster also said that the judiciary ought to have the authority to act on its own.

He feels that the appointment process is a contributing factor in the judiciary’s problems and that a system of appointments should be in place that gives the judiciary substantial control over the selection of candidates for judicial positions.

He emphasized that the judiciary’s independence is compromised when the president appoints people it favors.

“As opposed to the executive system sitting there and compromising itself by appointment, those that it wants or those who are perceived to be those that they want, I think there is a whole series of interventions that need to be made in order to correct the system. It is a system correction that we need before we can have the return investment in implementation”, he said.

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