“It’s my normal, and my normal can be extreme for you” – Efia Odo speaks on her dressing

Ghanaian socialite Efia Odo has acknowledged that as she gets older, her independent lifestyle changes and that she has toned down her flamboyant and occasionally explicit sense of fashion.

Efia Odo said during a segment of the Day Show with Berla Mundi that her background had influenced her viewpoint, personality, and demeanor.

She continued by saying that over time, people had come to accept her for who she was.

She stated, “My way of being is different. So I’m usually misunderstood by people. But … I’ve found a lot of people who have come to love me for who I am.”

The subject of a bizarre incidence involving Efia Odo attending church in a modest attire and receiving 5,000 Ghanaian cedis from an unknown source was brought up. She laughed at the experience and questioned whether dressed differently for church was appropriate. She asserted that one’s dress has to be appropriate for the setting and goals of an occasion.

“It’s my normal, and my normal can be extreme for you” – Efia Odo speaks on her dressing

She recalled her experience at Kwese TV and questioned why she hadn’t been paid for her integrity back then.

“It depends on where I’m going. The outfit fits the purpose and location. I used to work at Kwese TV. Yeah, I was very decent. I dress decent when I need to be decent, and I look like a bear when I got to be a bear.

“It’s my normal, and my normal can be extreme for you, and your normal could be extreme for me. So that’s just how it is. And I’m not going to be uncomfortable to make somebody else comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable around me, then I’m sorry; you’ve got to move,” she said.

Efia Odo, however, pointed out that change comes with age and that she has changed her wardrobe to reflect her development, admitting that she no longer dresses the same way as she did in the past. Instead, she urged Ghanaians to reject pointless social norms and live their own lives.

“Society has created a standard for people. I honestly feel like, live according to your means, do what you can do with the will of God, with the strength of God, do it.

“Don’t live your life for people. And I don’t know if people have noticed a change even in the way that I dress because I am even getting older. I don’t dress as extreme as I used to.

“Change comes with age. So you might see a person looking a certain way. Maybe this is their time. In time, that person will change. All you can do is just pray for change for them. Pray for them to be better,” she said.

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