It Annoys Me When Delay Pretends She Doesn’t Know Me – Ohemaa Woyeje

Ohemaa Woyeje has conveyed her displeasure with Delay for acting as though he doesn’t know her. Ohemaa Woyeje disclosed how she helped Delay further her career by introducing her to an MP and other “big people.”

In a recent interview, Ohemaa Woyeje informed Fiifi Pratt about her experience working with Delay at Top Radio, but Delay would not believe her.

Ohemaa described Delay as a very pretentious, ungrateful creature. Ohemaa voiced her displeasure with Delay for inquiring about her marital status.

It Annoys Me When Delay Pretends She Doesn’t Know Me – Ohemaa Woyeje

“Delay had an ulterior motive for probing about my marriage which pissed me off. Her questions was just to probe about my husband’s alleged affair two years ago. She wanted views for her show so she kept hammering on it even when I signaled her to stop. I won’t allow someone who had never being married to criticize my marriage“. Ohemaa Woyeje revealed.

” Delay is a pretender. She behaves as if she doesn’t know me which doesn’t make sense.” She added.

Watch the video below;

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