International drivers in Ghana raise their prices by 15%

The earlier-announced 15% fare hike will take effect starting on Monday, June 27, according to the International Drivers and Road Transport Union (IDRTU) of the Ghana Trades Union Congress (TUC).

In order to “help us sustain our job,” the Union urged all passengers to comply.

Additionally, it warned its members to follow the ruling so as not to provoke “unwanted” arguments with passengers.

International drivers in Ghana raise their prices by 15%

Due to the rising price of fuel, it was decided to raise the fares.

“We are patient.”
The largest drivers’ union, the GPRTU, is also considering raising prices by that same percentage.

Alhaji Abass Imoro, the Ghana Private Roads Transport Union’s (GPRTU) PRO, stated on TV3’s Keypoints on Saturday, June 25, that the organization is waiting to reach an agreement with the Ministry of Transport before making any raise announcements.

Alhaji Imoro informed sit-in host Alfred Ocansey, “We are looking at raising the transport fares by 15%.”

To reach a decision, “we are awaiting the transport ministry.”

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