Improper parenting impacts negatively on children more than divorce – Rev. Dr. Asomadu

The Area and Resident Pastor of Bantama Christ Apostolic Çhurch international (CACI) Rev. Dr. Robert Asomadu Kyereme has admonished parents to give their children proper parenting as the lack of this negatively affects the lives of children more than divorce.

He made this assertion during an opening discussion on “what would make a man leave child care burdens to a woman”?

In an interview with Akua Sonto on ‘the Sonto Show’ a social issues-based program on EBN TV, Dr. Robert Asomadu Kyereme said men should remind themselves that they are doing what’s right and understand the potential warning signs of neglecting their responsibilities in parenting if any misunderstanding ensues between both couples.

According to him, fathers especially should avail themselves to their wards any day, anytime even if there is a crisis between both parents as such situations usually affect the children emotionally if proper parenting is abandoned.

He noted that parents who plan to divorce are usually very concerned about the welfare of their children during this troublesome process. Some mothers become so worried to the extent that they remain in unhappy marriages, believing it will protect their offspring from the trauma of divorce.

According to Rev. Dr. Kyereme, it is not divorce that affects our children the most but failure to take proper care of them destroys them emotionally.

‘If you halt taking care of your child, God does, and any word the child utters can affect you in future” he said.


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