Impressive benefits of Tiger nuts for men sexually

Men who have low sec drive or libido during sexual intercourse have used tiger nut milk drink in improving their sexual performance and last longer in bed due to the arginine content in tiger nuts which acts as viagra.

Tiger nuts are rich in a variety of nutrients and have been linked to several health benefits — ranging from better digestion to a reduced risk of heart disease, here are some benefits of tiger nuts for men:

  • Tiger nut and sex

This is one of the benefits of tiger nuts sexually to men. Because of the non-meat protein present in tiger nut, it provides a large amount of energy needed during sexual intercourse. This energy is also essential for carrying out heavy works all through the day.

  • Tiger nut and erectile dysfunction

Tiger nut contains a high level of arginine and omega 3 which helps in the better flow of blood from the heart, through the arteries down to the penis. This enables the erection to be turgid, last longer and perform better without any medication.

  • Tiger nuts and sperm count

Tiger nut contains high levels of zinc and several vitamins which increases the production of testosterone that helps in the quality of sperm in men.

Source: Pulse Ghana



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