Immature dating habits that ladies need to stop

Immature dating habits that ladies need to stop

In your journey of life one realizes relationships can’t be excluded in our daily routine ,so therefore as some point in one’s life u will need a man to start something with. And

if you are going to find a real husband material or a responsible guy who you will feel comfortable and to put your trust in him,someone who won’t take your feelings for granted. Then sit and relax as your favorite lifestyle blogger, akosua Boatemaa takes you through ;

Below are some dating habit you need to stop:

1. Stop demanding from him

Whn a man realizes your main focus in the relationship is money, and you are always demanding then the guy will play around with you anyhow. Don’t place bills on him all just because he loves you, your boyfriend is there to love you and care for u, he’s his not your father or mother. If you don’t have parents . Then u need a job not a boyfriend.

Don’t for no reason demand unless he’s willingly to give, ladies that depends on their boyfriends or their man are ladies they treat anyhow and when they are done using them, they will chase you out like a dog. Miss independent earns respect. Be one!

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2. Don’t believe he loves you if he’s not showing it in truth and in actions.

Inaction does not mean having sekz with you but showing through his companionship towards you even without having sekz with you.


3. Don’t visit him everytime he said baby I feel like seeing you.


Going to his house/hostel everyday will make him know you are cheap. Learn how to say I’m busy at times. Dnt be always available, get urself busy, be productive.

4. Remove the mind set of let me still date this one. Set a standard of getting a husband material not another boyfriend. Be in a meaningful relationships dnt give non-serious guys they chance to play around with you as a lady.

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5. Love is not about having fun with someone for as long as it can last. it is about being understanding , being honest to each other even without the include of the Making of love people normally perceives it as the ultimate in a relationship, There is more to a relationship than that.


6. Don’t dress half naked to entice guys.

Purposely for fun only, are the type of guys who will always approach you. Dress responsible Nd decent , real guys or men don’t like eating uncover food.


7. A guy posting you on social media, taking you out on a chill up everyday doesn’t mean he loves your soul. Play more to his realities than his gallery.


8. Don’t beg any guy to love you, let him go. We don’t force true love, it natural come by itself when u least expect it.

Ask me why in the comment.


9. Don’t force a guy to do what he normally does before. If he his still in love with you, you won’t force him to call or message you before he does so. You can never buy true love, don’t force him, he’s indirectly telling you that he’s done with you. People’s actions is their keywords to their feelings for u, Akosua Boatemaa’ quote


10. Start reducing your love for him when you sense is taking you for granted. Value urself, set priorities of standards for yourself ,. Cos there is a saying;

No matter how busy, a person is. If they truly cares they will always find time for u..


11. Don’t continue dating him, if his not making you happy or adding real value to your life. Every relationship that weighs you, and makes you unhappy run from it. Put some respect on yourself.

12. You must not be independent with him. Untill you are officially married, don’t live in a guy house.


13. Don’t listen to his sugar quoted mouth. Grow from listening to what men says, but rather pay attention to their actions.. There are things to observe and discover.


Dating should not be something you will rush into, all just because he said I LOVE YOU. He must be able to give you sensitive reasons for loving you not only by saying you are beautiful. Beauty fades.. Wat the other reason Wil he hold on Think!

14. Stop charging your phone with different chargers, it will spoil your charging port.


You should understand the meaning of that.


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