I’m very disappointed in Ashanti Region delegates for electing Wontumi as the NPP Regional Chairman

After Saturday’s Regional NPP Executives elections, Afia Schwar, who doesn’t hide the fact that she was stung by being denied for a job at Wontumi Radio, went on a rage.

Following his victory against her favored candidate, Chairman Odeneho Kwaku Appiah, the socialite has been slamming Chairman Wontumi and his cronies (COKA).

Following Delay’s job, which allegedly caused Miss Schwar anguish, she has been casting shadows here and there, which became obvious in her choice of candidate for the NPP Regional Executives elections.

She expressed her disappointment in Chairman Wontumi for supposedly choosing Delay over her and used her social media accounts to advocate for Odeheno Kwaku Appiah, who was also running for Ashanti Regional Chairman.

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Afia Schwar, in a dig at Chairman Wontumi, stated her displeasure with the NPP Ashanti Region Delegates who voted to keep him in office.

The NPP Ashanti Region Delegates, according to Afia Schwar, should have voted for a chairperson who is intellectual and speaks decent English.


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