I’m sorry – Zapp Mallet apologizes to Afua Asantewaa

Zapp Mallet, a music producer, has apologized to Afua Asantewaa for his remarks regarding her attempt to set a world record.

On Tuesday, the producer voiced his disgust, saying that Asantewaa had accepted a challenge that was too difficult for her to handle.

He emphasized how hard it was for her to hit the correct notes and how unprepared she was for such a difficult assignment, saying that even professional singers who have side trainers can accomplish this.

“Even professional singers won’t attempt a feat like this without a voice coach around to be coaching what to do. No strategy. Just play, I will sing. I feel for Afua paa. Herrhh! Find something heavy to eat. Singing is for the strong. Don’t let deceive you. Now you see you can’t even hit key? So so off-key. All bcos you tire. Smh. Where are our ‘famed’ voice coaches? The girl is damn tired and she’s losing her voice. Won’t somebody show her how to revamp it? With the way she’s singing? Smh,” he wrote.

I’m sorry – Zapp Mallet apologizes to Afua Asantewaa

However, after facing a backlash from Ghanaians who disagreed with him, Zapp Mallet took to Twitter to retract his earlier statements.

He acknowledged his lack of knowledge about the event’s rules and expressed regret for judging her harshly.

He also clarified that, his initial comments were made out of concern for Asantewaa’s well-being and asserted his support for her.

“Guys, guys, guys, I’m so, so sorry. I just realized I was judging Afua Asantewaa so hard. Plz forgive me. I didn’t know the rules. But I said some of the things out of concern for her. Pls, don’t get me wrong. I’m behind her just like every Ghanaian,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Afua Asantewaa continues her determined pursuit of breaking the existing record of 105 hours, held by an Indian.

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