I’m not making such sacrifices again: Sammy Gyamfi boldly speaks

Sammy Gyamfi claims people are sometimes ungrateful and being ungrateful is not even his problem but the aftermath.

He revealed that what happens after the ungrateful act has been exhibited is what mostly gets him disappointed. Sammy Gyamfi has been criticized by a lot of Ghanaians especially members of the new patriotic party.

One thing many Ghanaians didn’t know was that he was not suffering in the hands of the Npp alone but his own party executives who he has stood up for on countless occasions. Despite this dedication to make certain people comfortable in the party and escape a lot of problems in the party, some leave and put the blames on him.

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I’m not making such sacrifices again if some persons don’t see the need- Sammy Gyamfi declared whiles adding up fact which were allegedly directed to some members of the Ndc. These members of the Ndc are alleged to be members who have been dismissed from the party and are blaming Sammy for being a part-player in their suspensions or dismissals.

These issues are not the only issues bothering him as he revealed that there are members who he knows are close but are all involved in the agenda against his defamatory suites etc. Sammy Gyamfi claims we can only be unbreakable if we work together and that’s what he is looking up to.

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