I’m enjoying my marriage – Regina Daniels to critics

Regina Daniels, a Nollywood actress and the wife of Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko, has quietly responded to critics who claim her marriage is failing.
Regina Daniels said in a recent interview how her husband spoils her and won’t let her do any housework.

Regina claims that her husband forbids her from cleaning, cooking, or even doing his clothes.

“My husband is a real Odugwu. If I want to sleep for one week, he will allow me to sleep and make sure no one disturbs me. He doesn’t allow me to cook or clean. He gives me anything I want without thinking too much about it. My marriage is sweeter than what I post on social media. Whenever I come online and see people saying that I am suffering in my marriage I show him the message and we laugh”. Regina Bemoaned.

A young woman made a shocking revelation a few days ago on the union of Nollywood star Regina Daniels and her billionaire spouse Ned Nwoko.

Many people were perplexed by actress Regina Daniels’ decision to wed the nearly-60-year-old Nigerian businessman Ned Nwoko at the age of 19.

I’m enjoying my marriage – Regina Daniels to critics

Many believed and hoped that Somadina Adinma, her young sweetheart, and her would get married after dating for several years.

Regina Daniels, however, had another idea. He desired a well-established man who could take care of her needs and make sure she was well-looked after.

Regina Daniels wanted a young guy because he would be more vibrant and have new blood, but she also wanted someone who would show her his love in deeds rather than just words.

She said that any man who made a declaration of love to her without having something to back it up would be dismissed.When Ned Nwoko entered, Somadina was presumably shown the door.

Anyway, Ned Nwoko allegedly constantly spanked Regina anytime she “misbehaved,” according to the woman claiming to be a prophetess. She recommended Regina to get rid of Ned Nwoko right away since he utilizes magic to change the course of young women’s lives.

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