‘I’m back in Christ’ – Efia Odo runs to Church

Andrea Owusu, also known as Efia Odo, has disclosed that she has returned to her Christian beliefs.

She said that because she grew up in a Christian home, she had “worshipped Jesus all my life.”

However, she explained that “at a point,” wanting to “find God on my own,” she “ran away from the church.”

The social media star admitted that this period, despite how it looked in public, was tough for her as she “felt empty” after having “stopped worshipping Christ.”

She boldly announced her U-turn, saying, “Now I’m back in Christ and no one can tell me otherwise.”

“If you think I am brainwashed then let me be, I don’t need to be saved,” the 31-year-old doubled down.

‘I’m back in Christ’ – Efia Odo runs to Church

The musician and TV personality was replying to an X user who expressed shock at her new stance, claiming that they assumed she was a declared atheist who also believed that Christianity was a tool of colonial brainwashing.

In response to a photo that another X user had shared of her in an edgy black translucent dress—the same one she notably wore to Kwesi Arthur’s 2022 Son of Jacob album launch—Efia Odo shared a photo of herself wearing a green opaque garment, the kind that devout ladies typically wear to Sunday church services. On Tuesday, June 18, 2024, when she initially shared the latter image, she said in the caption, “God’s favorite.”

On June 23, Efia criticized the Kiki Challenge in a fervently Christian manner. In one scene, women have been shown to be pious, while in another, they flaunt their sexual prowess. The challenge was prompted by the words “…in a song by Leftizzle & Fuse ODG”, “Oh Kiki, you’re a good girl, you go [to] church weekly but in the bed you’re freaky…”

Calling the aforementioned a “disgusting challenge,” Efia Odo bemoaned the wanton display of a lack of godly fear and respect in the quest for social media popularity.

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