I’m a hustler, my lifestyle on social media is an illusion – Medikal

Award-winning Ghanaian rapper Medikal has acknowledged that his luxurious online persona is phony and that his actual financial situation is not as opulent as it appears.

The “Omo Ada” singer informed Cookie Tee through Twitter that the extravagant lifestyle he advertises is only for display and should not be taken seriously as a result.

Medikal used Hollywood movies as his preferred method for presenting his argument. He said that his expensive cars, trips, and private jets were all staged, much like his shooting and killing.

“It’s all props, it’s like the Rambo movie, you see him with guns, shooting and killing, but in real life, he’s in The Bahamas chilling, that’s how it is.

“So, what you see on social media is an illusion. It’s just my brand. I don’t have anything. My fans know that whatever I don’t own, I won’t claim as my own. I’m not rich, I’m trying to survive, I’m a hustler just like everyone else,” he said.

Medikal has previously found success with a number of well-known songs, including Confirm and Forever My Love (co-written with Bisa Kdei), thanks to his devoted fan base. Also, 2016 Ghanaian music artist of the year E.L included him on his most recent mixtape, B.A.R III: Lomi Era.

In 2017, Medikal received the most nominations for the Ghana Music Awards, surpassing other well-known performers like Sarkodie.

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