Illegal Miners Don’t Pay Tax – Joe Wise

 Joseph Osei-Owusu, the first deputy speaker, the government should tighten restrictions in the mining industry to deter individuals who would engage in it improperly.

The deputy speaker stated during an exclusive interview with Serwaa Amihere on GHOne TV that the government shouldn’t spend money in areas where he doesn’t receive any benefit.

Illegal Miners Don’t Pay Tax -Joe Wise

He asserts that mining itself is not the problem, but rather irresponsible mining, noting that water sources are not being protected.

“Mining has gone on but in a very irresponsible and so regulations should be harder. But the point is that with all the people making the money, the government does not even get a portion. So why should the government continue to hire more people and spend it there?

“Already you are overburdened and the people who are destroying the environment are not putting it back. If there is a way you can get some revenue from them, that’s fine. But, one, he is stealing, and he doesn’t have a license either. No account for anything revenue he gets and yet you are to add to your cost?” the MP quizzed.

He has, however, relieved the government of its obligation to provide employment.

He asserts that the role of the government is to foster an atmosphere where businesses can flourish.

The expectation from citizens that the government alone is responsible for creating jobs is outdated, according to the politician.

“The time that the government took the responsibility for creating jobs is long gone. The government’s position is that I will provide the enabling environment for you to create the job for yourselves.

“So we should stop placing responsibility where you should not. A lot of the time we make people feel that it is the government’s duty to do this and that and people don’t do what they can do for themselves,” he explained.

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