IGP covers the medical expenses of a sick Arise Ghana protester

On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, the Inspector-General of Police assisted an Arise Ghana protester who had become ill and covered his medical expenses, according to

According to sources at, the protester was one of the 29 demonstrators who were detained by police after the chaotic scenes that marred Tuesday’s demonstration in the capital.

But as he was being held, he began to experience stomach pain, for which he needed to be sent to the hospital immediately.

IGP covers the medical expenses of a sick Arise Ghana protester

However, the protester had only 5 cedis in his pocket when he was released from the hospital, making it impossible for him to pay his medical fees.

According to reports, the IGP Dr. Akuffo Dampare was informed of the protester’s plight and promptly paid GHC1000 out of his own pocket to cover the “krom Ay3 hye” protester’s medical expenses.

The protester has been granted bail and has also been given some spending money by the IGP, both on the direct orders of the IGP.

The protester Eric Kwabena Dartey extended his gratitude to the IGP in a statement to and said he was astounded by the act.

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