If You Want A Girl To Easily Develop Feelings For You, This Is What You Must Do

As a guy, you shouldn’t simply sit back and wait till a girl will begin giving you indications that she loves you, you should be the one to give her those indications.

If you be the one to take action first and fast, she may likely accept you if she feels the same towards you.

Dear men, if you want a girl to easily develop feelings for you, start showing her these below signs.

1. Start caring more for her.

If you want her to easily notice you, the first thing you need to do is start showing her more care. Don’t go beyond your boundary though, and never allow her to feel uncomfortable. Girls will easily develop feelings for you once you start showing them more care. When she is been rejected, make her feel more important and never allow her to be sad.

2. Start building a strong friendship with her.

You can’t just expect her to start having feelings for you if you guys don’t have a healthy friendship or relationship. You must build a strong friendship with her if you want her to easily develop feelings for you. Gradually from friendship, you will get more close and if you do her well, you are already in.

3. Start telling her how important she is in your life.

Words go a long way sometimes when used at the right time. Girls like it when they’re being praised. You’re telling her how important she is in your life will make feel that she is special to you and if she likes you too, you will have no problem winning her over. Don’t just tell any girl this statement if she doesn’t worth it.

4. Start calling and messaging her often.

By doing this, your closeness will increase, and if you’re lucky enough you can win her over without stressing yourself. If you start massaging and calling her more often, there is a high chance that she will develop feelings for you. Mind you, you should let everything be in moderation if you don’t want her to be fed up. Don’t call or message her during work time, if you will message her, let it be sweet words, and if you call her use at least, use like 15 to 10 minutes before hanging up.

If you need a young lady to effectively create affections for you, you need to begin giving her these signs, she will understand you better.


Joseph Asare, a freelance journalist, a blogger and loves the internet

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