If you don’t need a passport, don’t apply for one – Foreign Affairs Minister

Ghanaians who cannot afford a passport should not apply, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey.

She underlined that anyone without a need for a passport should not apply because they are no longer the main form of identification.

Speaking to reporters, she stated, “As of right now, our main form of identification is the National Identification, which is doing extremely effectively. The passport is no longer valid.

“And even those who have the National ID can travel into the country with it. So, then I’m asking humbly Ghanaians that please, if you do not need a passport and because you cannot afford it. Please, humbly, I’m asking you not to go for a passport because it’s no longer your primary source of identification.”

If you don’t need a passport, don’t apply for one – Foreign Affairs Minister

She voiced alarm over the government’s passport application subsidies, saying that if the program continues, Ghanaians’ access to high-quality services would be jeopardized.

“If the government is subsidizing heavily, it’s difficult to provide any good services to Ghanaians.

She also assured that the ministry would cooperate if Parliament decides to review the passport fees.

“Fees come from the Parliament of Ghana. We make a presentation to them; we give them the bare facts of what it is. Parliament is aware of this and this document charges came from Parliament. If Parliament decides, we should go back, we will have to look at it, it is Parliament that has decided and we will go by it.”

She made it clear that Ghanaians are not meant to be financially burdened by the rise in passport prices.
Effective Monday, April 1, 2024, the Ministry announced increases to its fees and charges for services.

In a statement, the Ministry made it clear that this choice complies with L.I.2481, the fees and taxes laws for 2023.

An expedited 48-page passport currently has a processing price of GHS800, whilst a 32-page application costs GHS700.

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