If you don’t master communication, you will end in tears – Relationship coach advises

Dzifa Sweetness, a well-educated and informed sex and relationship coach has advised that couples should make it a point to master the skill of communication, lest their relationship ends in tears.

Interviewed by eTV Ghana’s Adwen the Love Doctor on the “In Bed with Adwen” adult show, she noted communication is a skill that although very important, is not as easy to cultivate but regardless, people dating should not think of marriage if they have not and cannot master the skill of communication.

“Communication is a skill and if you haven’t mastered that skill, whether you’re a man or a woman, don’t even go into marriage because it will end in tears. It’ll definitely end in tears.

Someone can look at a couple and say that the woman has a spiritual hold on the man but it is not spiritual. She just knows how to communicate. Even if you go out to cheat, you can hide it from her because she will treat you so well that you’ll be forced to confess”, she said.

According to the sex coach, relationships are all about communication and understanding, knowing how and when to approach your partner with issues, and basically knowing how to handle his temperament.

Dzifa further tipped that in a relationship, one must know that some issues are better discussed during or after sex, not before sex hence mastering the skill of communication can also help to classify which issues can or cannot be talked about at a particular time.

Source: e.TV Ghana


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